Though most of this blog contains pictures, it's also a detailed account of my life living with three boys. And yes, they are all boys. Hope you enjoy... they're pretty cute (but often smell).


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

4 months old!

Oh Huddy Bear. You are too sweet and so big!

Here are some updates:
  • 19 lbs and 28” long
  • Eats 6 oz. about 5x a day
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Pretty much growing out of 12 month clothes
  • Sleeping from about 8:00pm – 7:00am (straight through)
  • Giggling, screeching, coo’ing – just an all-out talker
  • Grabbing at everything, especially his toes
  • Will give you a HUGE smile when you smile at him
  • Could watch Cole for hours… follows him with his eyes
  • Loves being in the Baby Bjorne though it kills my back to have him in there
  • Still not a huge fan of being on his stomach
  • Flat head is almost gone (woohoo) and there hasn’t been any swelling with his eye so I think we’re in the clear
  • Will soon start rice cereal / oatmeal

  • Did NOT like his 4 months shots – was a trooper throughout but miserable the rest of the day

Is such a great baby. We lucked out SO much with Huddy. He’s so sweet, really mellow and is so damn cute. I think he’s going to be even bigger than Cole (thicker) but a gentle giant. Jason and I are truly lucky with these two monsters!

For a Cole comparison: