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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day in my life

Got home from work/daycare and Cole has LOST his listening ears. Major tantrum ensues so I take a toy away. Tears and screaming as he goes to his room.
Through the tears I hear "I am so mad right now"


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Getting that booty back, also known as "time to workout"

This post will be categorized under "random musings". If you're looking for pictures of my cute kids, keep scrolling on.

After I had Cole, I never really worked too hard at losing the baby weight. Sure, it took some time, but it just consistently melted away. With Hudson, I don't think this will be the case. I've hit a plateau and the number on the scale (and jean size) is not okay. And with lots of fun events on the horizon, it's time to start kicking my ass at the gym. It also doesn't help/hurt (???) that Jason has been running everyday and is currently buying new belts since his old ones are too big. A-Hole!

Soooo I've decided to start talking about this on the blog in hopes that it holds me more accountable. If you, the readers of this glorious digital diary, know that I'm trying to get back in shape (a lean shape... like a vertical standing rectangle vs. the current circle shape I'm in) then I'll likely want to make sure I'm sticking with it knowing I may see you soon.

What's my plan?
Good question.
I have no idea!

Small steps I guess. This week, it's working out (and apparently my week starts on Thursday for some reason). Next week, it's switching to salads for lunch everyday. The following week, giving up the sauce on work nights (well, maybe with the exception of Thursday...). The next... hell, if I make it that far I'll be thrilled and will just reevaluate then.

In summary: sorry if I post random stories of hating running, the weird ladies that strip down in the gym locker room over lunch, or how I can no longer stand the site of lettuce.... You don't have to read it, but I'm going to post it in hopes it will motivate me to keep pushing forward.

The end.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hudson: 3 months!

My lil' man is 3 months old (well, a couple of days ago). Lots of updates to be shared....

Hudson is:
  • Well, massive. He's easily over 17 lbs which is NOT fun to carry when he's in his car seat. But those thighs are pretty edible 
  • Getting more and more animated. Lots more smiles and chatter from our boy
  • Figuring out his hands - and that they are attached to him. Grabbing more things are sticking his entire fist in his mouth 
  • Still a little flat on one side of the head, but we're working on exercises and hope it works itself out
  • LOVES his big brother. Anytime Cole is in the room, forget trying to get his attention. All he sees is his big bro. It's oh-so sweet 
  • Sleeping about 10-11 hours a night! Woohoo!!!!! It makes work nights so much easier 
  • Is still super chill
  • Doing really well at daycare. Napping in his crib (because they swaddle him at school), eating well and is super easy going. Just takes it all in 

I'm back at work. I thought maybe the second time around would be easier. It some ways it is, others it isn't. I have mixed feelings about being thrown right back into things... literally thrown in as I have a new business pitch tomorrow. It helps keep my mind busy but it was tough to get my brain going that quickly (it wasn't used to thinking about strategies and segmentation if you can imagine). Knowing Hudson is doing so well, and sleeping well at school and home, really helps. It's just scary how fast the time went and how quickly its going to go. With J and I having so much going on, it will be the holidays before we know it... and time for Cole to start hockey!!!

Just a quick potty-training update. Cole has not had a poop accident since a week after he got moved down!!! J and I are thrilled and so is Cole (since it's the first thing he wants to tell you when you pick him up... and then insists that you call every and all family member/friend to also let them know). I assume he'll be moved back up soon... which is great since he's a foot taller than all his current classmates. 
He was also recruited for football this past weekend when he was mistaken for a 2nd grader. No joke! The coach was at the Football Toss booth at the Maple Grove Fest... they asked him if he was in first or second grade... Jason informed them that he was three years old. Follow-up statement from the coach "we'll be calling you". Guess I might not get a choice when it comes to the game of hut-hut-smash. 
Though, as I write this, I might not have to worry about it too much. As we made our way through all the baseball stations at Fan Fest, we realized that Cole may be talented when hitting things with a hockey stick or golf club, but everything else... not so much. Maybe Huddy will be our athlete and Cole will be our actor (trust me, the kid has a flare for the drama). 

Still doing great. Work is still busy... annoying him at times, but he has a great team whom he gets along with really well. Golf is good (and twice every week... :) and we're both excited for all the upcoming weekend adventures. Well, he's not too excited for my Vegas trip, but he can get over it! :) 
We've been looking at houses on and off... he found his dream house (over three acres and it's off a dirt road) but I'm not sure we're ready to put our current house on the market just yet. Lots to discuss over the next few weeks/month/year. 
I have to brag him up a little as he sent me a beautiful bouquet of Gerber daisies (my fav) on my second day back to work... 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our weekend

Maple Grove days and dinner with the Foresythes
Fan Fest
And Huddy being Huddy

Friday, July 4, 2014

Cole growth chart

From the cabin

Huddy update

Thought I'd give you all a quick update on Huddy Bear.
Last week I took him into the doctors since he's developed a bit of a flat spot on his left side of his head. We were given lots of exercises to loosen the neck muscles in hopes of getting him to lean to his right. Hopefully it corrects itself or he will be rocking some head gear!
While we were there, I mentioned Huddy's eye. If you haven't seen him in person, his right eye lid is a little darker at times and the veins are pretty visible. We were referred to a pediatric eye doctor. After lots of eye tests and a very willing participant (I was shocked at how well Hudson did), we were referred to a vascular specialist at Children's. So... We have no idea if it's something serious or just a dark vein. More to come.
Other than those "fun" things, my Bear is now 16 lbs and 12 ounces! Yes, he's massive. Just bought size 3 diapers and some 12 month onsies for school. They didn't measure him, but I assume he's around 26 inches long... Cole is going to be a pipsqueak compared to this guy!