Though most of this blog contains pictures, it's also a detailed account of my life living with three boys. And yes, they are all boys. Hope you enjoy... they're pretty cute (but often smell).


Saturday, April 30, 2011


I got a call this past week about our nursery - what it looks like and where we got our stuff?

The paint and the idea is based off a Winnie the Pooh theme that J found at Home Depot. I absolutely LOVE the paint in Cole's room - I think it will transition really well as he gets older (I'm thinking a camping theme with a tent over his bed... and lightening bug lanterns... not that I've thought about it).

All of the furniture came from Babies R' Us - and the bedding now that I think about it. The curtains are my FAVORITE and really tie it all together.

So here it is:

The clouds are a little hard to see... 


We took the doors off the closet and put curtains - quieter and opens up the space more

My lil' man as I write this. That glazed look is due to the vibrating chair he's in!

Last piece for the day - a lesson really - Ants LOVE formula. We've learned this the hard way already... all those lovely burp rags have brought tons of little, gross ants. Yuck! Lesson: Stock up on any killer (baby safe stuff of course) and don't leave burp rags on the ground!

Rice Cereal

This morning we started Cole on rice cereal. Just in the mornings for the first week and then also at night next week. He did a really great job... cried for a little bit but we think its because he's so used to instant satisfaction.

Here of some pictures from his first non-bottle meal:



Doesn't look too impressed 



Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Just realized I never posted what Cole's stats from him 4 month appointment:
Weight: 17 lbs (90%)
Height: 27" (off the chart by A LOT)

Here are some recent pictures:


Helping Dad with laundry


For all you new moms/pregos: This is what your living room will soon look like


p.s. I'm a horrible mom and didn't take ANY at Easter... the shame...

Congrats to Josh and Lis on their new baby boy!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sorry for interrupting your normally scheduled Cole post but I had to write a little something about gal pals:

Recently I received a save-the-date facebook message for our 10 Year High School Reunion. Yikes! We all knew it was coming but it was shocking just the same. So I did what any girl would do... I sent a mass email to all my gals to see what the consensus was: Going or Not Going?

What's followed is probably the best day of email chains possible. I will not post any of the messages - we're very immature and catty when together... virtually or otherwise - but what I took away from it all is this: I'm so fortunate to have a group of girls, whom I've known for most of my life, that I can openly admit (and not feel guilty) the lower, more shallow parts of my personality. I'm even more fortunate that there is no judgment pushed back on me... That there is compliance on their part!

I love the banter, the harmless teasing, the amazing one-liners... I swear a few of these ladies should be comedians.

So ladies, thank you for giving me something to look forward to in-between meetings.

And for the people not on the email chain: A decision has yet to be made.

[Ok - one little snippet that made me laugh the hardest this morning]

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mom of the Year (part 26)

Cole has been showing off his raspberry skills all weekend so I decided to get it on camera... well, you'll see what happens next:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4 Months Old!


Cole is…
  • 16 lbs and, by my measurement, 29” long (we go in for the official appointment next Friday)
  • Wearing 9 month clothes (Carters brand) and is close to growing out of those as well – I seriously think he’s going to be a 5’ tall 3rd grader!
  • Using his left hand more… up until now he’s been right hand dominant
  • Making TONS of new sounds – the kid is going to be a social butterfly
  • Obsessed with his hands – he is either staring at them or attempting to put his entire fist in his mouth (and then talk around them)
  • Starting to rollover a little more (back to tummy) but isn’t doing it on a regular basis 
  • Holding rattles and anything else you put in his hands… and then promptly sticking said object in his mouth
  • Quite the flirt – he’s got most of the ladies at daycare wrapped around his finger… lots of smiles and then turning away giggling – I’m in trouble!
  • Eating about 6 oz, 6-7x day – we’re going to talk to the pediatrician about dropping his 10:00pm bottle since we have to wake him up for it… and then he never eats very much of it
  • Sleeping from 10:00pm-7:00am every night (knock on every piece of wood in the house) – sometimes he wakes-up and needs some TLC but not regularly
  • Such a sweet, funny and adorable kid! Even during his fussy times (which are most nights around 7:00pm) it’s hard not to smile at him. He is getting SO big and is so fun to be around. You can see the wheels turning in his head as he learns more and more each day. I really have no idea how J and I got so lucky to have such a good-natured, good-sleeping, and good-looking baby!

And to answer the question I get EVERY TIME I SAY THAT: No, it does not make me want to have another one right away. Let’s get through this first year (and get rid of prego weight) and then we can revisit the topic.


Eating the bear... Grr! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Some Pictures

Everything goes in the mouth

Reading with Dad


Very interesting stuff

Getting ready for a walk

Monday, April 11, 2011

Thank You...

Thank you Cole for feeling better (besides the cough). Your mama can now sleep (a little) better at night. Your dad can bring you to Perkins with little fear of a meltdown. Your Nana gets smiles on walks.


Thank you Cole for giving your Mom and Dad your cold. Their throats are sore and their noses are runny. Hopefully it doesn't come back to you!

Thank you Caribou Coffee for your Miracle Tea (mix of Jasmine Green Tea, Peppermint Tea and Honey). You have made me feel slightly back to normal... minus the plugged ear.


Thank you Gallon Challenge (just what it sounds like... one gallon of water in one day) for making Jason feel much better. So much so he was able to mock my plugged ear over lunch... AND is currently writing a guest post for tomorrow!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Home from School

Our little monster will be playing hooky from school again today. As mentioned in my previous post, Cole has RSV. Besides a bad cough he had been doing fine until Wednesday night. Every bottle would go down... and then come right back up! Not fun! Since he didn't have a fever and was acting his normal perky-self, I took him to daycare Thursday morning. Don't judge.

At about 12:30 my phone rang and it was daycare. He was acting like a doll but still not keeping anything down. They were baffled [and if you can baffle daycare ladies you know you've got something special].

So I brought Cole home and called the doc.

After numerous steam rooms, nose suctions, saline, wishing, hoping, and finger crossing - we're still home from daycare/work BUT...
  Cole:    Kept down about 8 oz. last night and just finished 5 oz... and it's still in that tummy!
  Couch:   Covered in blankets and towels just in case it decides to come back up
  Mom:   A little stressed and tired. Cole's cough is hard to sleep through... and the fear that the internet     instills on you will keep you up the other part of the night
  Dad:    In Cinci - Jason had to fly out yesterday afternoon for work. Yep, the timing was fantastic!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Little Sicko

Cole has developed his first cold. One step better actually - he has RSV. Four kids at his daycare have it so I thought it best to go get him checked since he's had a juicy cough since Friday. After getting a swab stuck up his nose and a little oxygen checker on his toe, it was confirmed that he had it. The doc said he'll be fine... just to watch for a temp or troubles breathing. Again, he's not acting sick (opposite really) but just wanted to know for sure.

We did get to have him weighed and he's now clocking in at 16 lbs! The doctor was shocked when she lifted him up... he doesn't look his weight. Dense lil' guy!



Friday, April 1, 2011

Pictures Galore

Cole and Grandma Pat

All smiles and giggles

with Great Grandma - sly dog... 

Yea Dad!





My favorite....