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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Life Update

It’s been way to long since I’ve written an actual post vs. just sending pictures from my phone. So much has happened in the last month and I need to write this out before I forget it all!

Hudson’s 2nd Birthday!
It’s hard to believe he’s two years old. Not because he’s small, or not talking, or running, or doing everything in his power to be independent… It’s because these last two years have gone WAY too fast. Like scary fast.

Anyways – here’s some updates on Huddy:
·        36” tall and 34 lbs.
·        Head size is 99%
·        Size 6 diapers
·        Running, jumping, climbing, spinning, somersaulting – overall a VERY active guy
·        Loves fruit – I think his new favorites are blackberries and cuties
·        Sings ABCs on repeat in the mornings
·        Goes to bed at 7:30 and sleeps until a little before 7:00 most mornings
·        Still doing a 1-2 hour nap after lunch
·        Mimics everything you say… especially his daddy and Cole
·        LOVES his brother but they are for sure starting to act like brothers – bickering over toys, wrestling, stealing food… ok, maybe that’s just Huddy!
·        Still in his crib but that will have to change soon
·        Is obsessed with Jason – I don’t matter if he’s anywhere in the house
·        Is a motor head – loves cars, trucks, motorcycles. Anything with an engine
·        Is very smart and funny – and he knows it!
·        Still sleeps with his monkey every night but throws him on the floor every morning (not sure why I think that’s so funny)
·        Is still charming all the ladies at school… and everyone else in his life!

About a month ago we found a house on Weaver Lake that both J and I loved. We hadn’t really been looking to move, but kept our eye on the market for anything that might force our hand. This one did! It’s a little bigger than our current house but it’s on the lake with a sandy beach and a big yard. After going back and forth with the owners we realized we needed to get our house on the market in order to get our lake house. We started cleaning, decluttering, fixing up small things… and then put it on the market last Thursday night. On Friday we had an offer (after 13 showings) and Saturday we accepted it! Inspections are tomorrow (4/21) and if all goes well we will be closing a moving on May 25h! We are now accepting applications for friends who want to help us move. Payment will be a one year reserved beach chair anywhere on our property!

It’s crazy how much someone can change in 6 months. Around Cole’s 5th birthday we were struggling with attention and behavior issues at home and at school. He was still a great kid but he was not the agreeable, fun loving, enjoyable boy he had been for the last 4 years. Besides getting him to bed earlier, I can honestly say that we haven’t changed our routine with him too much – I truly think it’s him just maturing – because in the past 6 months he is a totally awesome kid! He listens perfectly at school, and almost perfectly at home. He’s kind and one of the funniest people I know. His teachers comment on it almost weekly and it’s made everyone a lot happier! He’s really into drawing and writing. Kindergarten is going to be a piece of cake for this kid! His mini-mite hockey season ended about a month ago so now he’s playing spring league hockey, taking taekwondo and will start soccer in July. He’s riding his two-wheel bike so fast now that we can’t keep up on foot and is excited to be able to fish every day at our new house. Cole shocks Jason and I every day with how smart and articulate he is. He also has a bursting out laughing with his comedic timing and wit. I’m not biased, this kid is seriously funny [he takes after me]. Cole will start school at Rush Creek in the Fall – fulltime kindergarten and before and after school at Primrose.

That’s all I have time for now – but add in some major work changes for me, Jason being a one-man moving machine, summer plans and a million other things… we’re not short on chaos at the Rogowski house.

‘Til next time!