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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Getting that booty back, also known as "time to workout"

This post will be categorized under "random musings". If you're looking for pictures of my cute kids, keep scrolling on.

After I had Cole, I never really worked too hard at losing the baby weight. Sure, it took some time, but it just consistently melted away. With Hudson, I don't think this will be the case. I've hit a plateau and the number on the scale (and jean size) is not okay. And with lots of fun events on the horizon, it's time to start kicking my ass at the gym. It also doesn't help/hurt (???) that Jason has been running everyday and is currently buying new belts since his old ones are too big. A-Hole!

Soooo I've decided to start talking about this on the blog in hopes that it holds me more accountable. If you, the readers of this glorious digital diary, know that I'm trying to get back in shape (a lean shape... like a vertical standing rectangle vs. the current circle shape I'm in) then I'll likely want to make sure I'm sticking with it knowing I may see you soon.

What's my plan?
Good question.
I have no idea!

Small steps I guess. This week, it's working out (and apparently my week starts on Thursday for some reason). Next week, it's switching to salads for lunch everyday. The following week, giving up the sauce on work nights (well, maybe with the exception of Thursday...). The next... hell, if I make it that far I'll be thrilled and will just reevaluate then.

In summary: sorry if I post random stories of hating running, the weird ladies that strip down in the gym locker room over lunch, or how I can no longer stand the site of lettuce.... You don't have to read it, but I'm going to post it in hopes it will motivate me to keep pushing forward.

The end.

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