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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Going off topic here… In other words, this post is not about Cole. Well, not totally.

Since most people will be stuck in a car this weekend – driving to exotic destinations – I thought I’d post my new mixtape playlist. We only have about an hour and a half drive, but I was a girl scout – always be prepared - so this one covers a little more than that. 

Oh - and this has nothing to do with the ACTUAL 4th. Nothing patriotic on this it... that one's in the works still! 

Hope you all have an awesome 4th!

In the Car with a 2 ½ year-old Playlist (aka – watch the swear words)
Jack & Diane                                       //                            John Cougar (yep) Mellencamp
Could you be Loved                            //                            Bob Marley
Island Song                                          //                            Zac Brown Band
Cups                                                    //                            Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect soundtrack)
A little Party Never Killed Nobody       //                            Fergie & Q Tip (Great Gatsby Soundtrack)
Springsteen                                          //                            Eric Church  
We Can’t Stop                                    //                            Miley Cyrus
Show Me                                            //                            Bruno Mars
Step Off                                              //                            Kasey Mustgraves
Snow                                                  //                            Red Hot Chili Peppers
Notion                                                //                            Kings of Leon
Follow Your Arrow                            //                            Kasey Mustgraves

You Can Call Me Al                           //                            Paul Simon 

And in case you're wondering about the weird mix... J will also be in the car. He can only handle so much pop/stuff you hear on the Current... the man likes his country. :) 

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