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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Slow Down....

So - this post is pretty heavy. Ok, not heavy but more serious than normal.

I found this article and I had to share it out. To be honest, I pretty much started crying reading it"

The overall theme - slow down and enjoy your kids.

After reading it I sat there thinking about all the times I've thrown on the TV or giving Cole my iPad so I can do 5 minutes of work... why? I'm not curing cancer or saving cute, small animals from a certain death... and I'm pretty sure Taylor Swift won't pull her album from Target if I don't forward the revised details of our social plan within the hour...

Take-away: It can wait. Go play with Cole.

Or after dinner last night... Cole wanted to sit in the parking lot and watch the ants. Sure, parking lots aren't the coolest places to hangout, but so what. Did we need to get home within the next 20 minutes or face a horrible fate!? Nope! But I didn't slow down my day enough to realize it... so I got a unhappy camper in the backseat all the way home... We had fun the rest of the night, but maybe those ants would have been the highlight of his night. Maybe he'd had gone to school the next day and told all his pals about watching the ants outside of Noodles & Co. MAYBE he would have someday cured cancer based on the migration patterns of ants that he learned that day...

Take-away: Sit your ass on the sidewalk and watch the ants.

Anyways - I guess I wanted to share the article and personal story in hope that whoever is reading this will stop... and slow down.


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