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Friday, December 6, 2013

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It’s been so long since I’ve actually written anything on here… and since I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about life…

First: Cole
Whoever coined the term “terrible twos” is a liar. There was nothing terrible about Cole at two. Sure, we had a few moments, but it really was not bad.
Now the three’s… we technically haven’t even hit them yet but YIKES! Talk about testing boundaries and throwing shit-fits. I love that kid to death, but when Jason was gone hunting last weekend… I swear I almost sold him on Craig’s List.
Other stuff about Cole. He’s doing really well at his new school. He LOVES to sing and has a really good ear for beats/rhythm. I think we might have a musician on our hands. He still loves sports (hockey, golf, football and basketball – all in the house) and is very exciting to go skiing in Montana over Christmas. He’s also been talking about learning to skate so I think hockey will be happening next Winter. We just finished his first round of swim lessons… again, he loved it, so we’ll be investigating the next set of classes once the Holidays are over.
Cole’s vocabulary continues to amaze me as well as his ability to transfer concepts to like situations. He’s definitely a smart kid… well beyond where he should be… and I’m hoping that continues more than anything!
Last, he’s excited to have a baby brother and somewhat gets the concept. I think he’ll get it even more as my stomach gets bigger and as we get closer to d-day.
Next week will be Cole’s third birthday! I can’t believe he’s so old… but I more can’t get over how big he is. I’ll have to update this with actual stats once we get them, but our home estimates put him at 42” tall, 40 lbs, wearing size 5T clothes and size 10 shoes. My future front hallway will be filled with giant clown shoes…

Second: Baby Boy Rogowski #2
This pregnancy has been a lot like the first. No morning sickness, food aversions or cravings, no weird allergies or anything else to report. I was dreadfully tired, way more than with Cole, for the first 4 months or so… but luckily that’s ended.
I’m also gaining weight like I did with the first… so that’s not the greatest… but oh well! Things could be worse!
We just had my 20 week appointment and everything is looking good. The babe is measuring about a week bigger (Cole was the same) but everything they checked has been perfect.
My doctor continues to harp on me about gaining weight… and wearing heels. Note to self: Do not wear 6” heels to the next appointment unless you want to get yelled at about personal safety!
Nothing else much to report – this pregnancy is going by faster in some aspects but a little slower in others. I’ll be happy to have a new lil’ man around the house, but I’ve COMPLETELY blocked out what it’s like to have a newborn, so I think we’re in for a rude remembrance come mid-April.

Last: J and I
Work for both of us has been busy. Lots of travel so we’ve been VERY fortunate to have grandparents around to hang out with Cole. We’re getting excited to head out to Montana next week for Christmas with J’s family… But before that we’ll be celebrating sis-mas with my family, I’ll be heading to Vermont for work, then Cole’s superhero birthday party… so just a few things to get to before vacation! 
Once we get back, we'll be wishing Nana and Papa Pugh a farewell as they head to FL for three months! I have no comment as I gaze outside to the -7 degree weather.  

Before I end this lengthy update, have to say a huge congrats to all the expecting parents, new parents and newly engaged couples out there!!! The past few months have been filled with exciting life-updates and we’re hoping for a few more over the next couple of months…

Thanks for reading and hope you all are having/will have some very happy Holidays!


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