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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hudson: 6 Months

Quick Huddy Update:
  • 30” tall
  • 22 lbs.
  • Basically way over 100% in all areas
  • Wearing size 4 diapers
  • Growing out of 18 month clothes (too long)
  • Getting really good at sitting up but still pretty tippy due to his large cranium
  • Spitting up less as he starts eating more foods
  • Still at 5 bottles a day (6 oz for all expect before bedtime, which we do 8 oz)
  • Currently eating two babyfood meals a day but thinking about upping it (my Baby Cook will be getting a workout)
  • So smiley and such a little love bug – we actually took him into the doctor the other night because he’s been crying a ton before bed… he NEVER cries so we figured there had to be something wrong… there wasn’t… no idea what the deal is… awesome.
  • Rolling over back to front and back again… tends to sleep on his side or tummy now
  • LOVES his big brother. If Cole is in the room, Hudson’s watching him, laughing at him and all around adoring him. It’s so stinking sweet!

I just can’t believe how fast the time is going with Hudson. So much quicker it seems than with Cole. Now with the Holidays approaching, it will be flying bye even more.

Cole and Hudson at 6 Months. Click here to link to Cole's 6 month update

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