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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dear Huddy,

This past year has gone way too fast. It really seems like only a few weeks ago that I was home on maternity leave with this little chubby baby... now I'm writing this post as my (still) chubby toddler takes a nap after housing more food than this big brother. 

So much like I did for Cole, here is my note to Hudson.

Dear Huddy Buddy, 

Happy birthday 16th birthday! How do I know it's your sweet sixteen??? Well, there's no way you dug through this blog to find this post on your own... and since I have the best intentions in mind, I likely forgot about this letter until this major milestone hit. 

Ok, back to it. 

I'm guessing that you're still one the sweetest kids around and always ready to smile and laugh. You do that all the time now and it's one of my favorite things about you. Unless you're hungry or want to be picked up, you constantly have a big toothy grin (oh lord are your teeth wonky right now) on your face! 

Speaking of hungry, you're a big kid. I'm guessing you still are by likely a gentle giant. You're way off the charts for height, weight and head size... rocking clothes that should be way too big for you (24+ month/2T) and shoes that are already half the size of your brothers. You are an awesome eater and not picky... Yogurt bites and raspberries are your favorite.

You adore your brother and only want to play with what he has. Doesn't matter if you're surrounded by toys, if Cole has something in his hands, you want it. And 99% of the time you try to take it from him. You're constantly rough housing and trying to climb on him... I hope you still do that but not with any malice. I'm sure I have more than a few grey hairs from you two by now. I hope you're best friends and that Cole has set a good example for you... I also hope you've rattled his cage a time of two as he's a bit of a perfectionist! 

Besides your brother, you absolutely light up the minute your dad is in the room. We did an experiment the other day: I walk out of the room = nothing. Dad walks out of the room = HUGE alligator tears and screams. You do realize that I'm the one that gave birth to you... NATURALLY! Yep, you're 9.6 lb booty was pushed out without any drugs. You should probably stop reading this and go make me a card and buy me a coffee as a "thank you". Just saying. 

Anyways. Getting back to you. :) 

More than anything, I want to tell you how much fun it's been since you came along. Besides the near constant ear infections and occasional 5am wake-ups, you are one of the most easy going and happy babies in the world! You have the biggest blue eyes and little blonde curls - everyone comments about how cute you are. I'm sure that hasn't changed and I have even more grey hairs due to the girls chasing after you. Though I'm guessing your girlfriend is athletic and wears sweatpants most days. I probably love her and try to steal her away for girl time. She loves it, so stop butting in. 

I love you so very much. You're one of my favorite things and I love that I'm your mama. You nuzzle into me every time I pick you up and stare into my eyes. I don't tell your dad or Cole, but I know I'm your real favorite. The crying act for dad is just for show. 

My wish for you is that over these past 16 years you've: been able to laugh at yourself, been kind to everyone, been grateful, loved your brother, listened to your parents, been the sticky hands kid, didn't play iPad or watch TV too much, learned from your mistakes, cuddled with your mama every night, told your Grandparents that you love them, learned how to play an instrument, went against the status quo, made a fool of yourself at least 9 times, eaten your veggies, done well in school, picked up your room, broken at least 2 bones, given your dad hugs in public, laughed every chance you got, beat up the bully and stood up for the underdog, danced at a school dance even if your friends thought it was lame, volunteered, learned how to make a minimum of 6 meals and have been over the sun and moon happy! 

Love you bear!

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