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Friday, April 27, 2012

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry

I was catching up on a friend’s blog and decided to steal her latest post idea. So here are a few things I’m just not sorry for.

Sorry, I’m not sorry:

For loving music aimed at 15 year olds. I find myself shaking my butt and shoulder-shuffling to Justin Bieber’s song Boyfriend… and don’t even ask what happens when Call Me Maybe comes on. Sure, I still like my calming Bon Iver at night… but on my drive into work, sitting at my desk and while making dinner, it’s all about One Direction!

For reading really trashy books. I’ve gotten out of my young adult addiction but it’s been replaced by trashy chic litt. It’s my new reading vice and I’m not going to apologize for it…. Though I should apologize to Jason since those books suck me in every night… but he’s been working so I haven’t totally ignored him.  

For waking up at 7:45am this morning and being late to work. Most days Cole is up before 6:30 so when I rolled over and the clock read 7:45, I just didn’t feel bad. I felt well rested. 

For teaching Cole silly things that make me laugh. Yes, I teach him important things, but most weekends I find myself showing him how to throw his arm around like a gangster while he dances… or how to make the “I’m shocked” face. Sure, knowing the difference between a circle and a square are on the curriculum, but so is blowing kisses and fist pounding.

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