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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Feel You

I've referenced our friend's Nicole and Justin's blog before - they have a daughter who just turned two and, much like Cole, has been developing a "personality". With that said, I have to repost the conversation she recently put on her blog... J and I have had the same one recently (minus the "second one" so don't get too excited) so it's nice to know we're not along:

 How in the world did she (pointing at our little monster) take over our house?
Justin: I have no clue. What just happened?
Me: What do we do? How do we get control back?
Justin: We don't. We start over with the next one.
Me: Oh dear. At least she is silent and not screaming...
(Hannah is staring at us smiling and trying to happily shove mini wheats in our mouths.)
Justin: She is possessed.
Me: It feels that way lately.
Justin: When should I schedule her exorcism?
Me: As soon as possible.

The reality of parenting a toddler. Argh.

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