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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Raising a Boy

Saw this article and wanted to post it. I pretty much agree with every one of them, no matter how much you push it or not!

Ones the resonate the most:

Roughhousing Is Innate

Boys are physical. There's the jumping off furniture, the rolling on each other, the "hug" that turns into a full-body running tackle. Play fighting and roughhousing is surprisingly hard-wired into many boys. It's often how they connect and express affection. Don't worry – it's normal and experts say it's healthy. This kind of physical interaction can foster positive relationships, boost the body's feel-good chemicals and promote intelligence -- even if means stuff around the house is going to get broken
Even Sweet-As-Pie Boys Love Guns
No toy guns in your house? No bad-guy shows? No cowboy dress-up gear? It doesn't matter. Somehow, boys know what a gun is, and will turn anything from an empty toilet paper roll to a finger into a weapon. It's disconcerting, for sure, but it's not something to worry about. And if you try to ban gun play, you run the risk of making it that much more exciting. Think of it this way: Maybe he's a good guy looking to save the world from bad guys and hot lava
Pee Will Be Everywhere. Everywhere.
On the floor. Behind the toilet. On the wall. All over the seat that they neglected to lift up. Apparently, it takes time and an attention span not to spray the entire bathroom while urinating. And perhaps less surprising: No one notices or cares but you. Keep some Clorox wipes at the ready and remind yourself of this upside: Unless there's poop involved, your child won't ever need to sit on a dirty public toilet seat and it's incredibly easy for them to pee behind a tree in the park.

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