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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Week 1

How would I describe week one with Hudson in three words: Surprised. Frustrated. Happy.

Surprised: by how calm he is. By how little he fusses or cries. By how quickly having a newborn comes back to you. That j and I can function on so little sleep. That I'm as calm as I am. That even though J and I can function, that we haven't had too many 3am fights. How good Cole is with Huddy.

Frustrated: with cole since his listening ears have been NON EXISTENT this week. That it took my milk this long to come in and it's still only a minuscule amount. That I don't have a coffee machine. With my inability to nap. With the weather- I want to go for a walk!!!

Happy: that Cole pooped in the potty four times this week. That I'm not having any baby blues. That Hudson is pooping and no one is worried about jaundice. To have such an amazing group of friends and family- the amount of help, calls, texts, everything - it's been amazing. Happy, just happy

(FYI: I'm boycotting turning on my computer, so I'm assuming most posts will be done via my phone)

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