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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hudson: 9 month update

  Poor Hudson. I’ve been slacking on the monthly updates.

Hudson, if you’re reading this and judging me for not being as prompt as I was with your brother. I’m sorry. But to be fair, you don’t sleep as well so I’m tired.

With that said, here’s Huddy’s 9 month update:
  • 31” tall, 25 lbs – all way over the 100% mark
  • Wearing size 5 diapers (can you get any bigger?) and 24 month clothes
  • Still a happy little baby but definitely getting more personality - we’ve decided that he is going to be much more trouble than Cole
  • He loves to giggle at you when you tell him “no” and has these wicked full body tantrums
  • Get better at sleeping… but I’m knowing on wood big time
  • Eats four meals a day and about four 8 ounce bottles
  • Not interested in real food at all. Sometimes he’ll take a few bites, as long as you’re physically putting it in his mouth
  • Takes one nap a day (during the week) for around 1 hour
  • Still rocking the army crawl but can get back to sitting and sometimes standing
  • No interest in walking – he’ll literally go limp when you try and get him to
  • LOVES his big brother – wants to play with him/on him any chance he can get
  • Is spoiled rotten – wines when you put him down
  • Loves to pull hair, necklaces, anything you don’t want him to… and then laughs in your face when you tell him “no”
  • Has me wrapped around his finger – he’s still a huge cuddler and, much like a puppy, wants to be in your lap if you’re anywhere near him 
Link to Cole's 9 month pictures here

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