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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dear Cole

Dear Cole,

Let’s start out with “I love you”. You’re funny and smart and too damn cute. With that said…


I don’t know if you've realized this or not, but dad and me need our sleep. We’re not very fun when we’re tired. Plus, we want you to grow-up surrounded by cool stuff and going to cool places. We can’t afford that if we get fired for falling asleep on the job.

Maybe you think you've cracked the system – cry for mommy and daddy and end up cuddling in our bed. Well, mom is bruised from getting kicked in the back and dad almost suffocated from you laying on his head.

This has got to stop.

If you love me and your dad, and you want to continue to eat the fancy animal crackers and bagels, please sleep! 

If you need a nightlight. Another stuffed animal. A bottle of water. A watch dog that will chase away any nightmare. A vibrating bed that will lull you back to sleep… TELL ME! I’ll get it for you. We've become desperate.  

Sincerely and tiredly,
Your Mom and Dad 

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