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Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear Cole

Dear Cole,

Where do I start? First, you are seriously funny and oh-so cute. You are constantly making everyone laugh – your one-liners are perfectly timed and you give some of the best looks ever. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my mornings and nights with you during the week. When you ask to cuddle or give kisses, my heart totally melts.

You are also one of the smartest kids around – for your age that is. Every day I’m shocked by something new you say or the questions you ask. Seriously kiddo, two-year-olds should not have memorized a book with 100 cars/trucks/planes/boats in it. You probably shouldn’t be telling me all the parts to an airplane and then all of the other things that fly in the sky. You probably aren’t supposed to be counting to 20, or spelling your name, or asking on-point questions based on your surroundings… But I love it and I look forward to the next thing that’s going to come out of that crazy head of yours.

You’re also creepily coordinated. You sprint around the house on your toes and then start doing line-drills like a pro. Your slap shots are getting scarily accurate and you’ve somehow mastered EVERY puzzle in the house. I don’t even want to tell you how good you are at the iPad because it might make your grandparents sad since you understand it better than they do. I’m not kidding. You not only know where all your games are, but how to find movies and videos on youtube. You also manage to rearrange ALL my apps in 2 minutes flat!

Your laugh has got to be one of my favorite sounds. It’s this throaty giggle that you can’t help but laugh along with. You also have this horrible fake laugh that you do when you think somethings supposed to be funny – or you want us to laugh at something you’re doing – but it’s just so hammy that I end up laughing at you anyway. And yes, I said hammy because you ARE a ham. The faces you make, your body language, even the fluctuation in your voice! I’m sure you got that from your father… J

With all that said, you are also the biggest pain the butt! I say this with a smirk on my face and a bruise on my shin. You have entered the terrible twos with a vengeance. Sometimes I think there’s some under the table contest going on at daycare – whoever can make their parent’s put them up for sale the fastest wins.

You’re initial reaction to the word “no” is to hit and kick. It’s not just the actions that scare me but this crazed look you get in your eye when you do it. I sometimes fear for my safety at night after receiving one of those looks. I’m not kidding. Why do you think that gate on your door gets tighter/higher every night?

Your Dad and I haven’t quite figured out how to break this issue you have with authority. We’re not at the end of our ropes… yet. It’s a good thing you have so many “God, I love my kid” qualities (as mentioned above) or you might have won that daycare bet last week.

I guess I just wanted to get this note out there where you’ll someday find it – I tend to throw most things in the house away - ask your dad, he says I’m not sentimental enough.

What I REALLY hope is that you find this when you have a two year-old who makes you both giggle and scream in a two-minute time span. Apparently your Nana found one she wrote about me… I’m sure I was perfect but I have a feeling I was just like you are now… not nearly as cute… but I was already potty trained so I guess I got that on ya!

Love you baboo – though I sometimes flick you off behind your back, you are no doubt the best thing in my life (don’t tell your dad)!

Love, Mama 

written: 3/10/13

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