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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Over the past month, I've tried to keep track of the funny little things Cole says. Here are my notes, as captured on my phone (aka sorry about spelling or punctuation)

After J was yelling at him: "don't say things like that to me"

J: do you want one or two cookies?
Cole: how about we bring the whole bag to couch and eat them

I've got poop on my balls

Cole: I painted this picture for you using Rocket Paint
Brit: really?!? I'd love to see it
Cole: I bet you would mommy. I bet you would.

Oh my gosh. I love that shirt. (In a VERY dramatic voice)

You should always pee and poop in the potty. That means you're a big boy... And you get nerf guns

Yoga is where the Legos live

C: We gotta pee outside
Brit: we only pee in the potty
C: the potty and the shower. Like daddy

@school- cole took his shoes off
Teacher: cole, you should put your shoes back on. What if we have to go outside for a fire drill?!
Cole: that's ok. I'll just got out in my socks. They'll get a little wet but I won't be sad.

Can I have another Fat Chip? [referring to the REDUCED fat chips I get at Jimmy John's. Really makes me feel good about eating them when he calls them that]

It's just you and me mom [this morning driving into school. Heart strings officially tugged]

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