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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Coleisms Part 2

Written on my iPhone - ignore spelling errors :)

"mama. Mama! MAMA! Brittney!!!!"

Cole: Mama. You forgot your phone.
Me: why do I need my phone?
Cole: so you can call and text. (Thank you Sprint ads)

Mama. Let's call daddy "sponge" cause he's silly

"What you said mama?"

Me: you need to go to bed.
Cole: let me think about that.... Nope!

"Daddy, is that puke sponge playing?"

"Mama.... Huddy puked... Again"

"You have to use your eye drops. Otherwise your whole body will be pink" [explaining how pink eye works to Jason]

And my favorite... As cole is laying next to me in bed, and I've been trying to get him to sleep for an hour...
Me: cole, you need to go to sleep!
Cole: but mama, you missed something... [gives me a kiss on the cheek]

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