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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby Rogo #2: An Update

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Tomorrow I'm at 36 weeks... I had a doctor appointment this morning and I'm currently 2cm dilated. I thought I would take a walk down memory/blog-history lane and see where I was at with Cole.

On Dec 3rd - I was 3cm and had just had a growth ultrasound (what we had last week).

On Dec 9th, I was probably about the same, but clearly getting anxious.

Cole was born on Dec 13th though my original due date was Dec. 27th.

So... right now I'm 29 days (4 weeks) out from my due date. I had Cole 14 days before my due date. I'm slightly more dilated this time than with Cole... The weather is getting warmer and the barometric pressure is above average... The next full moon is 4/15 and I'm wearing a blue shirt.

What does all this mean?


I could go tomorrow, April 1st - 18th... hell, this kid could never come out. It's all one big guessing game.

My wish: that this kid waits until AT LEAST the first week in April. My parents and Jason's mom will all be back in town so Cole won't have to be witness to the horrors of delivery (and yes, I said horrors... you can call it beautiful but I've seen the videos... it's a nightmare down there!

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